lördag, mars 28, 2009

How to find shopping sites on the web

The original meaning of the word ‘wiki’ is quick or fast in Hawaiian language. On the web it has become known as a sort of website which invites its readers to update the content. A truly effective way of using the power of interactivity.

I just discovered a wiki-based site called Shopwiki. The best way of advertising is actually getting the word to spread from person to person and a website using wiki-based technology is doing just that.

As for Shopwiki it is using a crawler technique similar to that of search engines to find new online shops. I just browsed around their site and it seems like they are covering most areas of interest. Should you have an interest which is not yet covered you may start a new guide on your special topic. Some examples: There are lots of sites of classic toys, action figures and dolls and dollhouses. Should you be more interested in electronic toys it’s all here. As I myself am very interested in music I naturally checked out the books movies and music section and I found lots of good online shopping sites.

Do check this great resource out and I’m sure you will find much shopping sites of interest.

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