torsdag, april 16, 2009

Buy a Vauxhall at Perrys

Over the years I have owned several British cars and there is no question about it: the British automotive industry stands for quality. It has been quite a few years since I drove a British car but now it feels like the time is right to go British again. While searching the web I just came across a very informative and easy to navigate website, Perrys of the UK.

I have never owned a Vauxhall myself but when looking through their website I found lots of interesting objects for sale. Perrys is your local Vauxhall dealer at many various locations in the UK and as there are many used cars available, I thought it might be a good idea to check out what’s available next time I go to England. It could be a nice souvenir to bring back a car from my holiday. Here in Sweden I have sofar not been able to find a Vauxhall dealer at all. Interestingly, I found that Perrys does also have their own blog, which is quite unique for a motor sale business. The blog is labeled as “News And Views On New And Used Cars And The Motor Trade” and I found this as a new and creative way of communicating with your customers.

So next time I do buy a car, what is it going to be? With the Swedish automotive industry being in dire difficulties at the moment the question is if we will be able to get service and spare parts in the future. Not to mention that British cars are reliable and will give you thousands and thousands of miles of trouble-free driving. Yes, I think that next time I go over to England I will visit a local Vauxhall dealer to shop around. Maybe I will be driving a Vauxhall home.

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